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Frequently Asked Questions

    The American Vaccine from Medgenes lab requires two injections 3 weeks apart.
    Each injection consists of 0.5ml subcutaneously.
    Vaccination can be started in rabbits 4 weeks or older.
  • What are the pre requisites to have my rabbits vaccinated?

    All rabbits must be healthy.

  • Does the clinic include health exams?

  • What is the COST of a vaccine?

  • How do I pay for my vaccines?

  • How do I register on the website?

  • How do I enroll my rabbits?

  • When does Enrollment close?

  • Where is the clinic held?

  • What vaccine is used?

  • When is it safe to vaccinate a rabbit?

  • What are the adverse effects of the vaccine?

  • How do I know when a new clinic is coming?